Artist-decorated serving trivet: "TITANIC DECEPTION"

As a woman of the world-- my philosophy is clear:
why look to God for peace, when it surrounds me here?

This artware is from my initial season of handpainting and glazing ceramics. Although there's gravity in the verse I wrote, I wished to contrast this within a whimsically-painted context. The result? A confident traveller awaits her journey on the Titanic. Beneath the supposed protection of a four-leaf clover, she assumes she'll be safely protected aboard an "unsinkable" ship. Symbolic luggage-labels suggest similar human hopes in the worlds of Egypt and Rome.

Completely free-handed, this flat-surfaced serving plate has a 10" diameter and rises one inch from a surface, thanks to its support base. The photograph does small justice to the intense, moss-green color. Red paint lightly textures the lady's hat and case with her worldly belongings. The unpredictable ocean's depicted in purple. There's no post-production damage and inquiries for further details are welcome. The base is marked: © 1997 GAEL McNEALY .

$200..... TO ORDER
© 2001 Olympic Art Studio, Gael McNealy