Artist-decorated vase: "AWASH in IMAGINATION"

A fish swam out of my ear today...the wide-eyed blue-green kind.
At first surprised, I realized, the ocean had been on my mind.

This studio vase features my original verse and decoration. Unique combinations like this begin as I clean the greenware, then apply three layers of color. In this case I experimented with overlapping blues, greens, periwinkle, and jewel-colored highlights. Next I handpaint my written words, and whimsically complete the design with free-handed embellishments. (Around the anchor swims 8 fanciful fish.) This unconventional approach grants me two surprises along the way. The first is the completed design on the artware. Second, after I've double-glazed the ceramic and had it kiln-fired, are the unpredictably luminescent color interactions.

This is a substantial vase with an estimated diameter of 6" and a heighth of 11 5/8". The white patching in the photograph is the result of glare on the highly-glazed surface. There is no post-production damage and inquiries for further details are welcome.
The vase's base is marked © 1999 OLYMPIC ART STUDIO .

$350..... TO ORDER
© 2001 Olympic Art Studio, Gael McNealy