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"Arts and Crafts Atmosphere"

"Assembly of Angels"

"Enchanted Ironstone"

"Fanciful Frogs Afoot"

"Wee-World Greetings"

"Buoyant Babies"

The Olympic Art Studio offers a refreshing selection of art-cards! Each exclusive art-card features a unique design, a simple format, and an unstressful way to improve upon your tradition of thoughtful card-giving. Our studio's cards are

* Unique because our subjects are a world apart from the usual greeting card choices. Some of exclusive designs are atmospheric photographs, reflecting authentic antiques in subtle vignettes. Others result as vintage paperwares and memorabilia are assembled with specific and often whimsical themes.

* our format offers art-cards that are equally appropriate for special occasions or non-occasions. Whether it's someone's birthday or anniversary...or it's simply time to send someone a special note, the choice is yours and we won't put words into your mouth. Each card's interior is blank, awaiting a personalized message.

* A pleasant way to simplify your life. Have you ever found yourself in a time crunch, standing under a store's fluorescent lights and squinting at bent-cornered, run-of-the-mill greeting cards? You deserve better. Resolve now to approach your calendar and its notations calmly from this point onward. Begin by selecting unique cards from our virtual gallery. You're supporting the art...and expressing personal flair!

Each exclusive art-card has been thoughtfully produced. Unlike standard white-and-shiny cards, our images are laser-printed onto paper that is aged-toned 65# cover stock. In a comfortable size of 4.5" x 6", these fit into their high-quality matching envelope, and can be mailed with a single, standard postage stamp.

© 2001 Olympic Art Studio

Available in set of 6 art-cards. You're welcome to combine styles to suit your taste. Introductory offer of $12.00 per set.