Artist-decorated serving bowl: "WISDOM"

"Do not forget to entertain strangers.
For by so doing some people
have entertained angels
without knowing it."

This artware is my initial ceramic, which I handpainted and glazed in 1997. Challenging myself with a new medium, I applied timeless wisdom from the Book of Hebrews to a symbolic pattern of ancient and modern human beings. (Do you realize how priviledged we are to be in the human family?)

Completely free-handed, this shallow serving bowl has a 2" center depth which graduates out to a diameter of 11 3/8". Aside from the repeated colors, details are painted in green and dark blue. Any white patching
in the photograph is the result of glare on the glazed surface. There is no post-production damage and inquiries for further details are welcome.
The bowl's base is marked © GAEL McNEALY 1997 .

$350..... TO ORDER

© 2001 Olympic Art Studio, Gael McNealy